One of the most significant assets we own is our state’s park system. It fuels the outdoor industry, greatly contributes to our tourism industry, and is a primary factor in people choosing to make Massachusetts their home. Despite this, the parks system has too few vocal supporters, lacks legislative champions, and is missing from any meaningful public debate.

MCV means to change this by increasing support for our parks and open spaces; by providing facts on the importance of our parks to our economy and our health; by analyzing the budget of the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and making it more transparent; and by working with, supporting, and strengthening the DCR Stewardship Council, which is responsible for oversight of DCR.

Our Board consists of enthusiastic supporters of the state’s park system and believes in DCR’s dedicated and hard-working staff. We also realize that pushing the debate means offering critical analysis and new ideas. To this end, ideas for alternative funding sources through public/private partnerships need greater public discussion in a more urgent and energetic fashion. Additionally, the parks system needs greater diversity throughout its employee ranks, and MCV will cast a light not only on its present status but also on measures the agency can take to improve.

Over the next year, our primary goals are to raise public awareness of one of our greatest public assets and to increase voter support. As our work progresses, we hope that you will join us in this important work.